Bent Spoon Winter Show

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     … with special thanks to Maria Fernandez
                for help with choreography info & description!

    You meet someone. It’s totally wrong
        it’s not who, or what, or when you wanted.
            But you just have to do it anyway…

Inconvenient timing. Regardless…

Choreographer: Sam Smith-Eppsteiner
Artist: Bon Iver; Song: Blood Bank

Dancers: Marisa Choy, Frnces Ellerbe,
Chrissy Ensley, Maria Fernandez,
Lindsay Geher, Tara Guarino,
Rachele Lam, Tess Menotti,
Alina Pimentel,
Sam Smith-Eppsteiner,
Leigh Tanner

Wash out the human in me…
      Let me be like the river

Any Tributary
Choreographer: Brittany Brown Ceres
Artist: AlexKelly; Song: Miwak
Dancers: Frances Ellerbe, Maria Fernandez,
Alina Pimentel, Sam Smith-Eppsteiner

Three Dancers…

Choreographer: Leigh Tanner
Artist: Ratatat; Song: Lex
Dancers: Frances Ellerbe,
Maria Fernandez, Leigh Tanner

Dancing to the emotional and powerful lyrics of “Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door”…
        How do you deal with cancer?
                How do you cleanse yourself of cancer?

Para Debbie
Choreographer: Maria Fernandez
Artist: Antony & The Johnsons; Song: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Dancers: Chrissy Ensley, Maria Fernandez, Tara Guarino, Tess Menotti, Alina Pimentel, Sam Smith-Eppsteiner

PostSecret: I Just Love To Be Touched

Work in progress, PostSecret is a community art project in which people anonymously send secrets in the form of artistic postcards; many participated because of this dance piece.

Choreographer: Sam Smith-Eppsteiner
Artist: R. A. Fish; Song: Rhythmic, Essence
Dancers: Zach D’Angelo, Maria Fernandez, Rachele Lam, Sam Smith-Eppsteiner

Evocative, joyful and bittersweet
Childhood memories
Loss of innocence
Growing up

All The White Horses
Choreographer: Marisa Choy
Artist: Tori Amos; Song: Winter
Dancers: Marisa Choy, Frances Ellerbe,
Lindsay Geher, Tess Menotti,
Alina Pimentel, Leigh Tanner


Mic Check
Choreographer: Zach D’Angelo
Artist: Imogen Heap; Song: Mic Check
Dancers: Zach D’Angelo, Chrissy Ensley,
Maria Fernandez, Tara Guarino,
Sam Smith-Eppsteiner