Bent Spoon Spring Show

What an amazing performance! I’ve seen Bent Spoon making guest appearances at other events, but this is the first time I attended the group’s own show. I loved how beautiful and creative the choreographies were.

More photos from the show in this gallery »

Choreography: Frances Ellerbe
Music: Cemeteries of London by Coldplay
Dancers: Marisa Choy, Zachary D’Angelo, Frances Ellerbe, Maria Fernandez, Amanda Leiter, Smantha Smith-Eppsteiner, Leigh Tanner

Choreography: Amanda Leiter
Music: Signs by Bloc Party
Dancers: Marisa Choy, Frances Ellerbe, Mio Frisk, Tara Guarino, Smantha Smith-Eppsteiner, Leigh Tanner

Choreography: Mio Frisk
Music: Jouvence by Alain Lemay
Dancer: Mio Frisk

Body Language
Choreography: Marisa Choy
Music: Body Language by Queen
Dancers: Marisa Choy, Frances Ellerbe, Maria Fernandez, Mio Frisk, Tara Guarino, Samantha Smith-Eppsteiner

Choreography: Maria Fernandez
Music: Samskeyti by Sigure Rós
Dancers: Frances Ellerbe, Maria Fernandez, Tara Guarino, Amanda Leiter, Samantha Smith-Eppsteiner, Leigh Tanner

Foolhardly Bohemians, Helpless Hypocrites, Weak Confidences, and Two-faced Rebels
Choreography: Sam Smith-Eppsteiner
Music: Closer by Kings of Leon
Dancers: Zachary D’Angelo, Maria Fernandez, Tara Guarino, Samantha Smith-Eppsteiner

Choreography: Leyla Boissonnade
Music: I Run for Life by Melissa Etheridge
Dancers: Marisa Choy, Frances Ellerbe, Maria Fernandez, Mio Frisk, Amanda Leiter